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An Approach: AV advertising service a modern, creative and revisionary Ad agency has been indented to emerge a powerful source. You can reckon on us in ever-changing map of advertisement. You must keep in mind, the modern business world is inconstant process of transition with new products finding its way to introduce to the consumers though you have super quality world class goods. In short you have to achieve the sales satisfactory index. In such a competitive market advertisement can only be located in a stable manner in satisfaction of human wants and desires.


Today business world presents their products show various ad-media expending lots of money. But we rely on efficiency and action thereby we can implement your objective through effective ad-media with low budget but high yielding.

Our Theme: The AV Advertising service has already been indented to win a rend radically changing it in this transitory world. Because we sincerely believe that a big idea coats nothing and also believe that the advertisement return be undoubtedly dynamic and effective in revolutionary but not necessarily expensive.


So we seek a place for you on your products in this big world to intense our ideas in a brighter richer with more vigor we provide the richest of services in the widest possible but empty your coffer.


Our action: Our research wing after intensive study in the extensive media research has come to conclusion that the moving media is more powerful to achieve mileage of product than that of any static media like fixed hoarding on the road, glowsign, kiosks etc. Moreover it is much cheaper in consideration of mileage given to the product. It covers gigantic portion of ad territories than that of any static hoarding.

Our Conclusion: Since bus, minibuses, ac marcopolo and volvo bus of different routes within Kolkata and its surrounding ply from one corner to another in the populous city-the people of Kolkata, daily comer and visitors are easily be acquainted your product through  this media intentionally or unintentionally. So this media attracts people and earns maximum mileage of products than any other media existing in the city. In this regard we are in the opinion that some of our clients have acquired their own experience and insisted on us to extend their advertisement in the district level suburban areas of West Bengal and we had to implement their demand.